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OHS (Optimum Heating System)

by Daishin

Timing is a critical component of proper brazing technique. Control of timing in an automated system is critical for a repeatable process. In the case of extreme variation in ambient temperature, fixture temperature, etc., the heating time required to achieve a proper braze joint can vary slightly from part to part. If uncontrolled, these variations can result in scrap due to cold joints (insufficient heating) or overheating.

Picture 2 shows common occurences when compensation for these variations is not implemented. Low base metal temperature causes a lack of proper filler metal melting and capillary action. High base metal temperature can cause overheating and also result in poor performance and failed braze joints.

The OHS System measures temperature at the start of each heating cycle. Comparing it with the predeveloped graph curve, the machine will automatically adjust the heating time to compensate for the temperature variation out of specification for the programmed process.


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